Wrap Life 101


A Loyal Customer is a person who orders at least 1 product a month for 3 consecutive months and in turn gets 40-45% off of our retail pricing. The products can be the same for all 3 months OR they can switch it up to whatever products they need. There are no price minimums or maximums – they are in complete control. After the 3 consecutive months, they can order as needed and get free shipping on autoship orders.

FUN FACTS (I always let them know these details AFTER they are ordering so I don’t word vomit! Always keep it as simple as possible!):

🌟Loyal Customers receive free shipping on all orders over $125. After the 3rd consecutive autoship order, the Loyal Customer is a “Loyal for Life” and forever gets discounted pricing and free shipping on autoship orders.

🌟Loyal Customers receive 10% back on each order in the form of Perk Points. 1 Perk Point = $1. They can use this on orders IN BETWEEN autoships.

🌟Loyal Customers get perks for referrals! Either 35 Perk Points ($35) OR a free box of wraps when someone signs up as a Loyal through their referral link within 30 days of enrollment.

🌟For every 2 Loyal Customers you sign up, you get a box of wraps for $25. You have a month or two to purchase them – make sure to use them before they expire!

🌟When you sign up 4 Loyal Customers in your first 30 days, you receive $120 in FREE PRODUCT!

Signing up Loyal Customers is part of our Steps to Success! There is no need to go crazy, just focus on 4 Loyal Customers a month. If you sign up less, that’s fine. If you sign up more, way to go! Every person on our team whether you are a Distributor or Ambassador has the same goal every single month!!! Share these products and be sure to open your mouth, people WANT to be happier and healthier, I promise!!!